Name of Domain VLESEVA.COM -Registered on 2016-07-30
Concept of VLEसेवा   Rural Empowring -  basicalay vleseva is made for village level enterpraour to providing services , information , support and opportunieties to village level enterpranours.
current Status  its Running
 Technology  Asp.net MVC5
development time line  intial time 5 month i spended for vleseva planning and development.
Concept & Developed by  Ishwar Kumar
  Future Planning for VLESEVA  to making largest rural market place
 Current Employees For VLESEVA  1 Developer 2 marketing
 Current Working Area  Accross india
Source of Revenues of VLESEVA  VLESEVA Walet , Adsense , E-comerce , Third party Sale.
Owner by  I&I CORPORATION Technologies (P) Limited
Email   support@vleseva.com
 Feature in VLESEVA  Online Live Support 24X7  on Chat
 Our Focus  we are foucuse to make village level enterpranoure how to get earn

Name of Project : VLESEVA.COM



2/3/2017 1:59:50 AM